Will Judge Sasser’s Standing ESI Order Apply to Your Case?

The July/August edition of the Palm Beach Bar Association’s Bulletin includes the article, “Will Judge Sasser’s Standing ESI Order Apply to Your Case?” which you can download, here.

The article provides a brief refresher of the 2012 amendments which brought electronically stored information (ESI) within the scope of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and, in greater detail, explains Palm Beach County Circuity Court Judge Sasser’s standing ESI order.

You can view my prior post, here, which breaks down the elements of the standing order and provides some other linked materials.

Judge Sasser’s judicial page, and the standing order, is here.

The invaluable 2016 Florida Handbook on Civil Discovery Practices is here.  This includes discussion of the latest e-discovery trends and rules.

Image credit: 15 Cir. Hon. Judge Sasser page

Christopher B. Hopkins

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