Product Reviews

The following are products which I use at home and in my law practice.  I only include devices that I have extensively used.  These are unsolicited reviews without compensation.  Hope these help.




GoPro Hero 5 Black — $400.

Top of the line GoPro shoots 4k video and 12 megapixel still shots.

Waterproof without a cage, voice controlled if you need it.

Get the Lexar micro SD card below for maximum video speed.



Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire Backlit Cherry MX Keyboard — $165.

Best keyboard ever.  Nice clacky sound of the Cherry MX keys.  Small roller in the upper right corner to control volume.  Programmable keys across the top and throughout.  Wrist guard.  And, best of all, programmable color schemes, including moving colors.  A bit of flair above and beyond a great keyboard.



Samson Meteor Studio Chrome Microphone — $65.

For the budding podcaster or for quality Skype audio, this foldable microphone looks awesome and provides great sound.  Legs fold up and comes with its own pouch.  Or let it sit on your desktop full-time.  It is sure to be an attention grabber too.




Blink Home Security Camera — $100.  Each additional: $75.  Or buy in bulk (3): $230.

With all the security cameras on the market, this one is superior because (a) price — you can buy 2-3 for the price of competitors; (b) you can move these around since they have no wires and charge last forever; (c) no fees or contract for cloud storage.  Live stream to your phone or get notifications upon movement (records up to 1 minute).




Lexar Professional 1000x micro SDXC 64gb UHS-II/U3 SD card w USB 3.0 reader  — $35.

Why buy USB sticks when you can buy a hyper-fast micro SD card that works both in your USB drive as well as in other devices like your drone, GoPro, etc.  This one is recommended for the newest GoPro for 4k video so it should meet the specs for most devices.



APPLE / iPad / iPhone & USB -related


Syncwire Lightning Cable / Apple MFi Certified — $10.

For less than the price of an Apple-brand cable for your iPad/iPhone, these nylon-braided cables are stiff, tough, and feel military grade yet the connectors are small enough to fit into most iPhone cases.  If you have problems with cables coming apart (detaching at the connectors), this wire solves that problem.  And in different colors.



Anker 4-port USB Wall Charger — $25.

Super compact wall charger for permanent placement or travel.  2.4 amps per port.  Works on iPhones and iPads.  I like it because it is small, you can charge a lot of devices at once, and the outlet prongs fold in.  Perfect for travel.



Aukey Car Charger 4-port 9.6A Output – $10.

Charge 4 devices at full speed with 2.A of dedicated power output per port.  If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it.  It’s a fast charge.  Inexpensive.  Small.  Aukey may be an unfamiliar name but they make solid accessories.



USB 3.0 4-port Hub by HooToo — $25.

If you need additional USB 3.0 ports, this small hub is powered by your PC, which means one wire.  Downward compatible for USB 2.0 devices and works on PC/Mac.  No driver needed.  With this $5 extension cable,you can put it on your desktop and hotswap in thumbdrives and devices without fiddling with the top or back of your PC.



Reignet 2 in 1 iPad & Apple Pencil Charging Cable — $10.

If you own an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, this cable will allow you to charge BOTH at the same time without using the small adapter.  This is less expensive and more functional than buying a second “nub” adapter.




Apple Pencil Case Holder — $7.

Since the Apple Pencil (frustratingly) does not come with a case or clip, you need a way to keep track of it.  This sleeve straps around the Apple cover.  I’m not a huge fan of the faux leather, but it stays on the device and it stays closed.  Right price and does the job.




Accell Powramid 6-Outlet Surge Protector w 2 USB Charging Ports — $25.

If you need outlets on a credenza or in the middle of a table, this pyramid-shaped surge protector provides six outlets and 2 USB ports for power.  Interesting blue light on the top too.


DRONE – related



DJI Phantom 3 Standard — $450

If you are ready to try flying a drone, don’t bother with the sub-$200 models.  Get a first class drone at a price that works, especially as you learn the ropes.  A solid investment especially since these have slipped from $1k down to under $500.



FPV Sunshade for DJI Phantom 2 and 3 — fits phone as big as iPhone 6 Plus — $7.

For a $7 investment, keep the sunlight out of your screen while flying your drone.







Mpow Buckler Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (& speakerphone mic) — $20.

I’m not sure what “Mpow” means or why a bluetooth speaker is named “Buckler,” but this is a solid, inexpensive waterproof speaker for the shower or pool.  Deep resonate sound, not tinny.  4 control buttons to skip forward, back, pause, or turn on/off.  Volume is controlled by your device (phone) which, as some reviews indicate, is a possible drawback.  Holds charge a long time and shuts off automatically after 10 minutes or so.




Obi200 VoIP Phone Adapter — $50.

This device plugs into your router and then your phone line.  A few minutes of setup and you can ditch your landline forever for free Google Voice or other providers.  I’ve used the Obi devices for years and highly recommend.  Seamless functioning, good sound, and you can use regular phones.